Sylvia Golden Norris has always been an active participant in sharing her knowledge with both her clients and the community at large.

Here is a list of some of the past seminars conducted or publications authored by Sylvia Golden Norris:

  • Brokerage relationships and required disclosures– Sept. 2017 – Realtor® Association of Sarasota and Manatee Magazine
  • Realtor® Association of Sarasota and Manatee – Panelist for July 13th Seminar on Multiple Offers. Procuring Cause and Multiple Offer Seminar Flyer RASM®
  • Ten Fascinating Facts about the Code of Ethics
  • It is always an honor to be recognized in the industry as an experienced real estate licensee defense attorney, and it is an added bonus to work with the professionals at Pearl Insurance/ XL Catlin. Thank you Pearl! Pearl Insurance and XL Catlin – Attorney’s
  • New marketing strategies may be problematic by Sylvia Golden Norris – Published in the August 2015 Issue of Sarasota/Manatee REALTOR® Magazine, page 26.
  • Escrow Disputes: What You Need to Know About the Options and the Process by Sylvia Golden Norris – Published in the May 2015 Issue of Florida REALTORS® Magazine
  • Short Sales: Flips That May Flop! *Winner of the 2010 Florida REALTORS® Association Editor Excellence Award by Sylvia Golden Norris
  • Things That Make Your Broker Go Ouch!
  • Risk Reduction: “How to stay out of court”
  • How to Make the Seller’s Disclosure and Agency Forms Your Best Friends!
  • Escrow Dispute Guidelines and Procedures
  • Inspector Gadget should have been Invited
  • Property Management and Rentals – Short Term, Long Term, and Placement Only
  • Procuring Cause: “Show Me The Money”
  • The “Art” of Disclosure
  • Understanding the Commercial Leasing And Sales Commission Lien Act
  • Rental Seminars – Good Business Practices
  • Brokerage Relationships, Duties, Agreements & Common Issues
  • Short Sales: What Real Estate Licensees Need to Know and Why
  • What You Need To Know About Listing Agreements, Commissions and Liens
  • Collecting Assessments for Associations: Things to Consider to Maximize Recovery
  • Understanding the Difference Between a Grandfathered Use and Non-Conforming Use

Here is a list publications quoting Sylvia Golden Norris:

  • Protect Yourself  : publication from Florida Realtor® Magazine, October 2008 | page 25 | by G.M Filisko

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